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hi we are trying to get alot of hits!!!!!!!!! so if we get 30,000 hits we will throgh a party.and if you are the 30,000 person to visit us you will get are email, a ton of cheats, and be abale to get on are buddy list (and stay thare). so help us get more hits you may be the lucky winer.



Mission 7 :)

Mission 7 was just released. This one’s actually really fun! I made a written walkthrough.

Here is the written guide to completing it:

  1. Talk to G. Choose any option. He explains the problem with the Clocks.
  2. Click the moniter of the Snow Forts that G is pointing to. You will see the the Polar Bear and the Crab break the clock. Click the corner to exit the clock.
  3. Talk to G again. Keep choosing the top option. He wants you to find the parts to repair the clock.
  4. Go to the Gadget Room. Take the LifeGuard Rescue Tube off the shelf and put it in your inventory.
  5. Use your map and go to the Dock. Talk to the penguins from the Blue team. Keep clicking the top options until they let you play to get back the target.
  6. Here’s how you play: Click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up to the red zone. LET GO immediately when the bar is at the red zone. Then aim with your mouse and shoot at the target. Remember, the target is moving so click just a little bit ahead of where the target is going. And it takes longer for the snowball to travel the farther the penguin is from you.
  7. Once you win, they’ll give you the target. Give them the Rescue Tube so they can continue practicing.
  8. Go to the HQ. Talk to G and tell him you need to use the Electromagnet 3000. He say’s the combination is ‘key’.
  9. Go to the Invention Cabinet, which is left of the entrance to the Gadget Room. There is a Decoder available if you put your cursor on the bottom right of the screen. Decode the word ‘key’ to Secret Agent Code and input it into the lock.
  10. The lock will open. Take out the Magnetron 3000. Now go to the Iceberg on your Map.
  11. Go to the left until you see an spring-in-an-icecube floating in the ocean. Use the Magnetron to pull it out of the water. Put them both in your inventory.
  12. Go to the HQ. Go to the Gadget Room. Place the ice cube on the Test Chamber. Pull the Red lever. Now Press the Flame button. Now pull the lever again, then pick up the Spring.
  13. Go to the Town. Talk to Rookie. Then, ask him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Put it in your inventory.
  14. (Optional step) Go to the Ski Village and talk to the penguins there. They explain how the type of snow matters. And the Snow Forts has the best.
  15. Go to the Beach and talk to the yellow penguin on the chair. He say’s he gave a yellow puffle a drawing of a chair and the puffle made the chair for him. Pick up the green bucket next to him that’s on the ground.
  16. Go to the Snow Forts and fill the green bucket up with snow.
  17. Use your map and go to the Plaza. Go into the Pizza Parlor.
  18. Take the sheet of music on the floor next to the piano.
  19. Exit the Pizza Parlor. And go into the Stage. Click on the piano at the Stage. Put the sheet of music on the piano stand. Play the colored notes in the order it says on the music sheet (read from left to right). The yellow puffle will love it and come out of hiding!
  20. Now give the puffle the picture of the gear. Then give it the bucket of snow. It’ll construct a replica Gear. Place the Gear in your inventory.
  21. Now go back to the Gadget Room in the HQ.
  22. Place the Gear on the Test Chamber. Pull the lever. Push the snowflake button. The pull the lever again. Take out the hardened Gear.
  23. Go to the Snow Forts one more time. Now click on the Snow Forts Clock to get behind it. Place the Gear in the middle, the Spring on the upper left, and the Target on the outside (on top of the pole). Now exit the Clock.
  24. The Construction worker will cheer. You will get a call on your spyphone from the Polar Bear! He says He underestimated you but destroying the Clock Tower was just a distraction for his Grand Master Plan. Then he says “Until next time!” and hangs up. Uh-oh!
  25. Talk to G and exit. Claim your Medal and Gift.

You must be a secret agent and have completed Mission 5 and 6.
-Walkthrough By: Watex

Cp Stuff

Update: CP has launched Big Screen mode when you play CP. if you want the screen smaller you’ll have to lower the size of your browser window.

Rockhopper’s key is on the last page of Rockhopper’s Journal in the Library in the Book Room (2nd floor of Coffee Shop). You can also wear the Key like a pin!

Once you obtain the key, go onto Rockhopper’s ship and go into the Captain’s Quarters! The room has a Notice Board from RH, a new multiplayer game “Treasure Hunt”, and How to Play on the wall.

To play Treasure Hunt, you basically have to work with your partner by digging vertically or horizontally for treasure. Any shines in the sand mean there’s treasure underneath. All treasure completely exposed at the end will be yours. This reminds me tremendously of the treasure game in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

If you’re having trouble finding a game to play, go to an empty server, stand by a match, wait for it to end, and immediately enter it.

There is also a 2nd new room. Click the arrow on the Mast and it’ll bring you up to the Crow’s Nest, which has a powerful cannon.

– Pictures By: Watex 🙂

Catalog Secrets

Here are the Wig Catalog Secrets

Click on the Spikester for the Spikette.

Clothing Catalog Secrets

Click the arm of the Dragon for the Crystal Staff

Click the Emerald Hat for the Woodman’s Hat

Click on the white part of the Casual Suit Jacket for the Cheesy Tie

Click the bow of the Cocoa Bunny Costumer for the Red Viking Helm

Open and close the Red Viking Helm four times for the Blue Viking Helm

Click the eyes of the penguin wearing the Admiral Jacket for the Green Snorkel

There are 4 new playercard backgrounds for nonmembers too, but the bottom two are repeats.

Secret letter

There’s a secret letter hidden on the Clothing catalog. Go to the last page of the Clothing Catalog, Click and Drag the top area down to see the secret letter.

Open it up and this is what it says. I think the party on the 16th will be a Medieval Party.

Easter egg hunt

The first egg is in the Lantern in the Mines


The second Egg is at the Dock on a post.


The third Egg can be found by clicking the Red Puffle at the Pet Shop.


The fourth Egg is at the Book Room. Click the green plant at the top of the shelf.


The fifth Easter Egg is at the Gift Shop. Click the poster.


The sixth Easter Egg is at the Plaza. Click the Lantern between the Pet Shop and the Stage.


The seventh Easter Egg is at the Attic. Point your cursor to open the box, the egg will pop out.


The eighth Easter Egg is in the Dojo. It disappears and reappears at different spots on the wall.


Now you have all the get the bunny hat.


How to complete mission 6

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